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Ake’ Rapana - Video
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Ake’ Rapana - Profile

From one of Australia’s most breathtaking locations, this episode of Australia & Me tells a story about spirit and community.

Cook Islander, Ake’ Rapana, was born into a family of 10 children. So of course family is of great importance to him. But it was another love that was to bring him to Australia, the love of dancing.

Jumping at the chance to perform in Australia, when the curtain finally came down Rapana decided to trust his gut feeling and stay.

Very few people get to create their own dream job but this is exactly what Rapana has done on Hamilton Island as Staff Activities & Events Manager.

Four years ago the resort was dealing with a high staff turnover. Rapana was asked to step in. His commitment towards creating a better Island lifestyle and simultaneously building a ‘new family’, can be seen in the 1500 staff members that are still living there.

In jest Rapana says,

“I am now a father Ake’ with lots of kids, and Hamilton is my Church”.

Produced with the support of: Department of Foreign Affairs - Australian Government
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