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Guan Wei - Video
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Guan Wei - Profile
After graduating in Fine Arts from Beijing Capital University, it was a residency in Hobart that brought Chinese born artist, Guan Wei to Australia in 1989.

An artist will tell you that they are often influenced by their experiences and surroundings, and Guan Wei is no exception. In this episode of Australia & Me Guan reveals that if it weren't for his migration experience he may not have become the artist that he is today.

"I think Australia gave me a very good chance, I've got a very good life here…I do what I want in Australia"

Although Guan maintains his Chinese influences, today his works are typified by a style that is cool in colour, surreal, witty and quirky.

With countless solo exhibitions, accolades and articles written about him, it is clear that Guan Wei has already made a very significant mark on the Australian art world. From his studio in the suburb of Newtown (Sydney) to the Arc One Gallery (Melbourne) we witness the unveiling of his latest works in an exhibition titled 'Cloud'.
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