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Amatus Budiharto - Video
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Amatus Budiharto - Profile
Against the backdrop of some of Adelaide’s most breathtaking views, join us as we explore the story of Indonesian born Amatus Budiharto.

At the age of 32, Budiharto moved to Adelaide to take up a teaching position at Flinders University. And it was here, not his homeland, that Budiharto learned how to play the gamelan, a traditional Indonesian instrument.

Living in the heart of Adelaide with his family, today Budiharto continues his passion for music and cross-cultural education.

He says there is there is nothing more satisfying than playing the mythical gamalen in the pendopo to an enthusiast audience of Australian and Asian teachers and no greater example of Australian multiculturalism in action:

“I feel at home in Australia in the sense that we come from a different cultural background and yet what we bring with us is actually appreciated and given a chance”.

Produced with the support of: Department of Foreign Affairs - Australian Government
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