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Merlinda Bobis - Video
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Merlinda Bobis - Profile

From a village on an active volcano in the Philippines to the picturesque coastal town of Wollongong in New South Wales – it is here we meet award-winning writer and academic, Merlinda Bobis.

Filipino born Bobis ventured to Wollongong in 1991 after receiving a grant to complete her Doctorate at Wollongong University. Shortly after, Bobis began lecturing in Creative Writing, determined to inspire the next generation.

Although Bobis has gone on to win numerous noteworthy awards including an Australian Writers’ Guild Award (AWGIE) for Rita’s Lullaby, she is of the opinion that

“My greatest contribution is not so much as a writer but as a teacher of creative writing. As a teacher…I nurture the sensibilities of Australian students, and help them tell their own stories”.

With an obvious penchant for words and story telling, Bobis takes us on a journey filled with colourful metaphors and meaningful insights about her immigration experience.

Inspiration for her new book comes entirely from her ‘Wollongong experience’ and it is with genuine affection that she recounts the city’s multicultural environment.

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