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Imagine a place where you can start a new life, a place which also embraces and celebrates where you come from.

That's Australia, one of the most multicultural societies in the world.

Australia & Me is a series which showcases the migration experience of ten residents, who have moved from the country of their birth to this land.

Each person tells us how and why they came to Australia, their experiences in living and working here, and what they feel they and their families have gained from living in Australia.

Our participants speak frankly about the trials and tribulations they have faced, as well as the triumphs.

Australia & Me draws on the experiences of people from India, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Philippines and the Pacific.

Share their stories.

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What is a video podcast?
Our video podcast feeds use a technology called 'Really Simple Syndication' (RSS) to deliver our MP4s to your computer or mobile device as soon as they're available and in a convenient manner.

What do I need?
In most cases a web browser will do, as many have podcast feed readers built into them. If you prefer you can download freely available video podcast software like iTunes.

How do I subscribe?
If you are using an RSS enabled web browser, simply click on the link. If you are using Podcast software, simply copy the URL of the link provided and paste or type it into the relevant place for you particular player.

Remember: if you want to receive these programs regularly, make sure the scheduling function on your Podcasting software is set to search for new podcasts automatically.

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