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Catch Up: Talk About It - s2 Ep9 - 17/04/14
This week Del Irani examines two of the biggest displays of democracy in the world - the Indian and Indonesian elections.
Catch Up: Business Today - Business Today - 23/04/14
Business news from Australia and Asia hosted by Whitney Fitzsimmons
Catch Up: Rare Earths - Hightech's Dark Side - Rare Earths - 18/04/14
For thousands of years, they lay dormant in the soil until suddenly, rare earth metals became the driving force behind a technical revolution. Smart phones, laptops, touch screens, wind turbines, hybrid vehicles: they all need rare earths. Among the first to recognize this were the Chinese and today China mines an incredible 97% of all rare earth minerals extracted worldwide. Follow researchers as they drill for new deposits and see how they try and find new, more environmentally friendly ways of processing the materials.
Catch Up: Sunday Lights - Jennifer Byrne Presents: Di Morrissey - 20/04/14
This special is a salute to one of Australia's publishing icons. Marking the 20th anniversary of her very first publication, the one and only Di Morrissey catches up with Australian journalist, publisher and literary enthusiast Jennifer Byrne.
Catch Up: Packed to the Rafters - s5 Ep108 - 20/04/14
As torrential rain and bad luck descends, Jake muses it never rains but it pours. Jake, Julie and Dave are dealing with the consequences of Coby's attack on Duncan. Torn between anger and her own feelings of guilt, Frankie goes to see Coby but he refuses to see her. He doesn't want to see anyone: the Rafters in particular.
Catch Up: Home and Away - s25 Ep5787 - 22/04/14
Sally Fletcher returns to Summer Bay, but not everyone is happy to see her. And Zac's troubles with Holly escalate.
Catch Up: Q & A - Q and A - 21/04/14
Host Tony Jones is joined by Bob Carr, Former Foreign Minister; Kerry Chikarovski, Former State Liberal leader; Eva Cox, Author & social analyst, Brendan O'Neill, British Editor, Spiked Online and Nigel Kennedy, British Violin Virtuoso.
Catch Up: Great Southern Land - Ep4 - 21/04/14
The story of how we live where we live in the world's largest island nation... Australia. From ultra lights, water planes and hang-gliders, Prof. Steve Simpson gains a unique view on Australia's sprawling lives and what it takes to make them work.