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Catch Up: Talk About It - s2 Ep8 - 10/04/14
Del Irani looks at Australia's rich indigenous culture and whether life has changed since Kevin Rudd's historic 2008 apology to the Stolen Generations.
Catch Up: Business Today - Business Today - 16/04/14
Business news from Australia and Asia hosted by Whitney Fitzsimmons
Catch Up: Tetsuya's Pursuit of Excellence - Documentary - 08/04/14
Tetsuya's Pursuit of Excellence is the story of world-renowned restaurateur Tetsuya Wakuda, who arrived in Australia in the early 1980s as a 22-year-old with little money, no professional skills and no English. Fate dictated that his first job would be as a kitchen hand.
Catch Up: Sunday Lights - Jennifer Byrne Presents: Christos Tsiolk - 13/04/14
Australian journalist, publisher and literary enthusiast Jennifer Byrne interviews Australian writer Christos Tsiolkas at an extraordinary time in his career. His bestselling novel The Slap has been made into an 8-part TV series. There's the feature film of his last book, Dead Europe, being produced by the team behind the Oscar-winning The King's Speech and, best of all Christos has released his new novel.
Catch Up: Packed to the Rafters - s5 Ep107 - 13/04/14
Dave muses on the possibility that he could become a successful businessman like Duncan, someone who's able to compartmentalise all aspects of his life. Meanwhile things seem to be going well for Carbo, Retta and Emma, who get their bank loan to start their business.
Catch Up: Home and Away - s25 Ep5783 - 15/04/14
Zac is angry that he has to once again clear his name. Meanwhile, Tamara faces a tough decision when her parents arrive in the Bay.
Catch Up: Q & A - Q and A - 14/04/14
Host Tony Jones is joined by Marise Payne, Minister for Human Services; Penny Wong, Opposition Leader in the Senate and Michelle Garnaut - Chef and restaurateur.
Catch Up: Great Southern Land - Ep2 - 07/04/14
From a hot air balloon, choppers and even a giant tree, Prof. Steve Simpson explores Australia's delicate relationship with the natural world. He finds a country of extremes, and a people forever locked in battle with the elements.