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Established in 2001, Australia Network is Australia's international television service, beaming 24/7 to more than 46 countries across Asia, the Pacific and Indian subcontinent. We are part of ABC International, a group that facilitates cross-cultural communication, encouraging awareness of Australia and building regional partnerships. Alongside Radio Australia and ABC International Development, Australia Network keeps our audience connected with the world around them.

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'From our world to yours' reflects our aspiration to offer a bridge between the many cultures and faces of this dynamic region. Our mission is to provide a television and digital service that informs, entertains and inspires our audience with a uniquely Australian perspective.

From Australia, For The Region
From Australia, For The Region
Australia Network reflects the values of the Australian nation — open, independent, respectful and fair. These values are reflected in our powerful line-up of thought-provoking local and international programs — all designed to broaden and enrich the perspective of our viewers.

On Australia Network, viewers can catch the latest regional news, update English language skills and tune in to world class international documentaries, lifestyle programs and quality drama. Live sports coverage and award-winning children's programs round out a unique programming mix tailored to our regional audience.

A Unique And Regional Perspective
A Unique And Regional Perspective
Our target audience are the Internationalists of the Asia-Pacific region: educated, worldly professionals seeking a fresh perspective on global and regional events. They yearn for unique experiences and use media sources to discover new ideas and new concepts. On Australia Network, these viewers will find credible, in depth analysis on regional issues and get an insider's view through our documentary and current affairs programs.

In a complex media landscape, our television service and online presence help to position Australia Network as a media brand of choice for our discerning audience of Internationalists.

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